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About Us

Founded in 1982, Advanced Techniques US Inc. (ATCO) designs and manufacturers innovative equipment for assembly, soldering, and rework of printed circuit boards and hybrid microelectronics. Our product line consists of BGA Rework Stations, Reflow Ovens, and SMT Pick & Place Systems ideal for environments with prototype to medium volumes. We strive to work closely with both existing and potential customers to fully understand and identify application requirements. More often than not, no two companies are the same and even a “typical” application varies between customers. Rather than offering a cookie cutter solution, our goal is to take a personalized approach that involves technical discussions, hands-on application evaluation and demonstrations. For the customer, this means finding an optimal solution that will add value at every step of the way.

For over 25 years we have built a solid reputation based on delivering quality products that not only perform to specifications but also exceed customer expectations. ATCO has supplied equipment to some of the world’s largest organizations covering a broad range of industries including; aerospace, consumer electronics, contract electronic manufacturing, government, industrial OEM’s, medical, military, semiconductor, telecommunications, and universities. More than 4,000 of our products have been installed worldwide.

Performance, reliability, and ease-of-use are the key components of every machine we design and build. From a manufacturing standpoint, our equipment is assembled following strict quality standards with great attention to detail. This is why some of the first machines sold are still being operated to this day. At ATCO, providing world-class post sales support is a top priority.

Ongoing investment in the research and development of new technologies and products is also of an immense value to our company. The engineering staff at ATCO is continually working to advance our products to meet the ever changing needs of customers worldwide. Currently there are projects in the pipeline to provide updates for existing models as well as some exciting new product developments. Our sales team takes a great deal of pride in being able to share extensive product knowledge and process expertise with our customers. We welcome questions and would be glad to provide “best fit” objective solutions.

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