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PRO 1600-RS Reflow Simulator & Thermal Stress Tester

PRO 1600-RS is designed for reflow simulation, package qualification, solderability and thermal stress testing applications. This includes Preconditioning of Nonhermetic Surface Mount Devices (SMD) per JESD22-A113 standard, Solderability test per J-STD-002 E (SMD Reflow), Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) testing of packages per IPC / JEDEC J-STD-020 E, MIL STD-202 Method 210 Condition I - Resistance to Soldering Heat testing, IPC 9631 standard, and thermal stress testings performed on bare PCBs or coupons.

PRO 1600-RST model is specifically configured for reflow simulation of PCB coupons per IPC-TM-650 2.6.27 Rev. A (Thermal Stress-Convection Reflow Assembly Simulation) with continuous resistance measurement during reflow cycles. Up to forty-eight (48) IPC-2221B Appendix A,D coupons may be processed per lot with resistance data read once per channel net every second. When subjected to 6 reflow cycles, each lot takes approximately 1 hour to complete and is performed automatically without any operator involvement between reflows. Lots may also be processed until net failure is detected. All temperature and resistance percent change data for each coupon is recorded and stored for documentation purposes. A Pass / Fail results summary provides a quick analysis of data for lot and individual coupon acceptance. Interchangeable carriers allow processing other IPC or custom coupons.

Instead of performing reflows in an inline tunnel oven which typically range 12 ft. - 20 ft. in length, the batch design of this reflow simulator enables processing is a compact footprint of only 31" x 31". All while maintaining profiling flexibility, control, and consistency of a production reflow oven. A unique feature to the PRO 1600-RS is the automatic profile repeat feature. It allows a profile to cycle automatically multiple times without any operator intervention. For SMD preconditioning and reflow simulation of surface mount parts, the standards require parts to be cycled 3X. For board coupon reflow, tests require 6X or more until failure is d